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September 2016 Newsletter

posted Sep 12, 2016, 10:04 AM by Mark Morris

Welcome to our school and the start of a new school year!

Let me introduce our teaching team.

My name is Louise Boulay. The children refer to me as
Madame Louise ( I taught in French immersion for many
years and the title just stuck with me). I have now been
teaching for close to 25 years and and am very pleased
that I will have the opportunity to get to know you and
your child this year. My belief is that the children learn
best through play. Their social, physical, intellectual and
emotional development are enhanced by opportunities that
allow them to explore and experience the world that
surround them. Our school is therefore set up in learning
centers that allow the children to access these
Teresa Stosky, Mrs. Teresa to the children, has been with
us for 3 years. She has a teaching degree, is fluent in
Spanish and brings with her an incredible amount of
knowledge, love and patience.

Blue Quill Playschool is made up of two classes. I refer to
each class by colour. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday
morning class is the YELLOW CLASS. This class is made
up of 21 children who will be old enough to go to
kindergarten in one year’s time. The Tuesday and Thursday
morning class is the GREEN CLASS. This class is made up
of 16 three year olds.

In this newsletter, I have included a list of duties to help
guide you through a typical parent helper day. Please
remember that you play a very important role in this coop
playschool. We rely heavily on our parent’s
participation. On your parent roster day, you must arrive
by 8:30 a.m. If you are late, this could delay the start of
class for all of the students. During this time, you will be
asked to engage in different class activities, so please
leave your electronic devices out of the class. You are also
require to stay about 15 minutes after class time to clean
up and ensure all children have been picked up. Please feel
free to ask us any questions , any time!

The locker room door opens at 8:30 a.m.(no earlier please)
You are welcome to change the children out of their
outside clothes, drop of their snack and then please
return to the hallway. We will officially open the class
door at 8:45 when the parent helpers have had time to
arrive, receive their instructions and set up for the day. I
would also like to ask your cooperation in not entering the
room at the end of class time until we have sung our goodbye
song and I have dismissed the children.

As of this year, we have introduced a program that will
see all adults involved in the school, being asked to clear a
police safety check. This is for the safety of our children.
Please be patient with us as we get this program up and
running. Thank you!

We will soon start our library program. I encourage the
children to choose a book from our library. They sign out
this book, bring it home to read and upon the return of
the book are able to choose a new one to take home. We
will discuss repeatedly the importance of the
responsibility that comes with borrowing books. It would
be instrumental that you pass on these same values. Books
are to be respected and well cared for. Should they be
damaged while in your care, it would be your responsibility
to replace them.

We also promote reading by participating in the Scholastic
Reading Club. Every month you will receive flyers selling
great children’s books at reasonable prices. We have a
parent that works hard to coordinate this program. They
will set up a deadline date each month, collect the cheques
and submit the orders to Scholastic. Please note that
there is no obligation to take part in Scholastic Reading
Club. However, the playschool does receive free books
when you participate.

Because of allergies, our school is a NUT FREE ZONE. We
do not allow snacks that include nuts of any kind in order
to keep our classroom safe.

On birthdays, we encourage you to send in a small snack to
be shared by your child and his/her classmates to
celebrate the special day. Licensing regulations read that
this should be a store bought item so that ingredients can
be traced should there be some kind of allergic reaction.
Good ideas are timbits, rice krispie squares, cookies,
popsicles, bite size cupcakes, etc... If your child has food
restrictions that does not permit them to eat this type of
goodie, please send in a replacement item we can keep on
hand for the celebration days.

PLEASE NOTE: July and August birthdays will be
celebrated as half birthdays in January and February.

JR’s Photography will be in our classroom to take individual
and class photos on October 19 and 20. They do a
beautiful job! I will send home a reminder in the October
newsletter and give you more details.

We are lucky to have a wonderful, dynamic music and
movement teacher who visits our classroom once a month.
Miss Leslie will be back with us as of October.

We are also privileged to have yoga in our curriculum.
Sarah is back with us. She is a talented and loving
individual who will introduce the beautiful art of yoga to
your youngster. Something that I believe will benefit them
for years to come.

The children’s well being is our priority as is having them
love their school experience. We look forward to meeting
each and every one of you and having the chance to chat. I
have included my business card with this newsletter.
Please note that the school number is on the card and
might come in handy during the year.

In conclusion, I remind you that we are a cooperative,
meaning that parents and teachers work together to
create an experience for the children at this school. The
entire Board of Directors of this school is made up of
VOLUNTEER PARENTS who are simply looking for a good
solid first experience for their child. We do not fall under
a school board. The only person who can make a difference
is YOU working in conjunction with the other PARENTS.
Everyone must do their part of the work load to ensure
the year is a success!

Thanking you and looking forward to the next 10 months.