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September 2014

posted Jan 17, 2015, 2:35 PM by Mark Morris
Welcome to Blue Quill Playschool and the start of the new school year. My name is Louise Boulay. The children refer to me as Madame Louise (I used to teach French immersion and the title just stuck with me). I have now been teaching for well over 20 years and am very pleased that I will have the opportunity to get to know you and your child this year. My belief is that children learn best through play. Their social, physical, intellectual and emotional development are enhanced by opportunities that allow them to explore and experience the world that surround them. Our school is therefore set up in learning centers that allow the children to access these opportunities.
Blue Quill Playschool is made up of two classes. I refer to each class by colour. The Monday, Wednesday, Friday morning class is the YELLOW class. This group is made up of children who will be old enough to go to kindergarten next September. The Tuesday and Thursday morning class is the GREEN class. This class is made up of three year olds.
In this newsletter I have included a list of duties to help guide you through a typical parent helper day. Please remember that you play a very important role in this parent co-op playschool. Your help is of extreme importance to us. On your parent roster day you must arrive by 8:30am. If you are late, this could delay the start of class for all of the students. During this time, you will be asked to engage in different class activities, so please leave your electronic devices away from the class. You are also required to stay after class to clean up and you may leave once all of the children have been picked up. Please feel free to ask me any question - any time!
We are in the process of building a locker room within our classroom and expect it to be done by mid September. This will change the way I open the door and welcome the children in the morning, so please bear with me while I develop a method that works well. At the moment, I am thinking that I will open the door at 8:30 (no earlier please). You are welcome to settle your children into the lockers and then return to the hallway. The classroom will then officially open at 8:45 when the parent helpers have had time to arrive, receive instructions and set up bathrooms and the classroom. I would also like to ask your cooperation in not entering the room at the end of class time until the children have been dismissed. This allows me to keep full control until we have sung our good-bye song.
We will soon start our library program. I encourage the children to choose a book from our library. They sign out this book, bring it home to read and upon the return of the book are able to choose a new one to take home. We will discuss repeatedly that importance of the responsibility that comes with borrowing books. It would be instrumental that you pass on these same rules to them. Books are to be respected and well cared for. Should they become damaged while in your care it would be your responsibility to replace them.
We also promote reading by participating in the Scholastic Books Program. Every month you will receive flyers selling great children's books at reasonable price. We have one parent who volunteers to coordinate this program. They will set up a deadline date, collect checks and submit the order to Scholastic. Our school benefits greatly by receiving free books for our library.
Because of allergies, our school is a NUT FREE ZONE. We will not allow snacks that include these ingredients in order to keep our classroom safe for everyone.
On birthdays, I would encourage you to send in a small snack to mark your child's special day. Licensing will not allow home baked goods. The snack must be store bought and we must be able to show the list of ingredients. Please send in a small snack as the children are also bringing their usual snack and usually insist on eating that as well. Good ideas are Timbits, tiny cupcakes, small donuts, popsicles, small squares, cookies, etc... If your child has allergies that do not allow them to eat these goodies, I would encourage you to leave a bag of special treats with me. For example: mini boxes of Smarties. For those children who have birthdays in July and August, we will celebrate their half birthday in January and February.
There will be a photographer coming into our classroom on October 15 and 16 to take individual as well as class photos. Details will follow in the October newsletter.
We are a cooperative playschool and that means that we rely on each and every one of our families to help us create one of the best schools in the Edmonton area. Your duty days, your parent volunteer positions as well as your participation in our annual fundraiser are instrumental in keeping the school running smoothly. Please do your part so that no one feels overwhelmed.
Music classes are back at Blue Quill Playschool this year. I would like to introduce to you our wonderful and dynamic teacher. Her name is Leslie Marks and you will love her enthusiasm and great ideas! I hope you will all have an opportunity to sit in on one of her fun sessions. We will sometimes need the help of more than one parent on music day. I hope you will jump at the opportunity to see your child enjoy her amazing classes.
We are also privileged to have yoga classes as part of our curriculum again this year. Sarah is back with us, she is a talented and loving individual. I am extremely excited about this, as I strongly believe that yoga is beneficial to both the mind and the body. The younger you start, the greater the benefits! Watch your newsletters for our first class!
The children's well being is my priority, as having them love their school experience. I look forward to meeting each and every one of you and having the opportunity to chat. I have included my business card with the September Newsletter. Please note that the school phone number is on this card and might come in handy during the school year.
This year we are joined by a new assistant teacher. Her name is Teresa Stosky, the children can refer to her as Mrs. Teresa. While it is her first time working within a preschool, she comes with an incredible resume loaded with a vast array of talents. Please help me welcome her and join me in getting to know her over the next few months.
Looking forward to a terrific 10 months!