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Lindsay Audette

Ms Lindsay Headshot

Ms Lindsay's life's passion and professional interests lie in discovering and celebrating the similarities and differences that connect us to one another as well as to the Earth. She brings with her a passion for the visual and performing arts, as well as over 8 years of teaching experience including a Bachelor of Elementary Education Degree with a minor in Social Studies; and will be starting her Masters in January.

Ms. Lindsay also has a love for history, travel, and discovering and learning about many diverse cultures. Her background in competitive dance has allowed many opportunities to see the world. In addition, she has spent several years as an international Flight Attendant. All of these experiences have shaped and influenced her personal teaching philosophy.

As an educator, Ms. Lindsay strongly believes it is her responsibility to guide and encourage students to expand their own knowledge by providing them with diverse, hands on learning experiences. Combining a supportive classroom atmosphere along with various forms of instruction is essential in fostering strong, independent learners.

Ms. Lindsay looks forward to forming positive relationships with both students and parents and supporting all students at Blue Quill Play School to become passionate life long learners!