First Day of School

The First Day of School!

Playschool is a wonderful time for families as they watch their "little ones" become ready for school. The first day may be a time of anxiety for children (and their parents!). Most children love preschool and after some initial tears happily leave home in the morning to attend preschool with their beloved teacher and terrific new friends. Here are some ideas from parents for getting your child ready for school.


Speak positively about it for the weeks leading up to the big day. Phrases like "isn't it exciting!" are probably more helpful than "I know it's scary but .."

Shift morning wake up times a few days in advance so getting up early isn't as difficult for the late risers.

Go shopping together for a "first day outfit" or a new lunch box, etc.. to make the day special.

The First Day

Parents are welcome to attend the first day of preschool and stay for as long as they feel necessary. After the first day it is best for parents to drop their children off with a hug and let them begin to be confident on their own. Some children (especially those already in daycare) don't need parents to stay even on the first day, while others shed a lot of tears for the first few classes, until they become distracted and begin having fun with the other students. 

It is usually harder on mom and dad then it is on your child, but rest assured nearly all students quickly settle in.

If for any reason a child seems to be having difficulty adjusting, your child's teacher will let you know immediately. (This is extremely rare!)

Showing up on time is important, especially for the first few weeks, because dropping off a student late who then has to go through their "goodbye" can often set the other students off again. School begins at 8:45am.